Gold Star Beer Counter

Gold Star Beer Counter

Strictly Craft Beer Bar / Bottle Shop – You can get craft beer and craft cider in bottles, cans, growlers or crowlers.  Sometimes they have Mead and Sake available.   

Gold star beer counter takes craft beer seriously. All sixteen draft taps contain a craft beer or cider. Plenty of local brews and unique pours you can’t find in most places. On occasion a spontaneous beer will be shared with whom ever happens to be there at the moment.

The bar is small and can get crowded quite quickly. However it’s never feels uncomfortable. The music is all vinyl records that the bartender has curatored. The pride taken in every detail of the bar. From the music that is played to the plants around the bar. It is hard to describe the comfort that these details give one visiting the bar for the first time and on a regular outing.

The beer cheese and the spice on corn nuts has been prepared in house. Like the beer the sandwiches have a craft aspect to them, using local bread for each sandwich. Some people go there just for the sandwiches. Most go there for the beer.

Gold Star Beer Counter - Draft Taps
Gold Star Beer Counter - Bottles and Plants

If you want to know about beer, cider, mead or sake ask the bartender. They are brew nerds that can give you the right brew you are looking for. They are not over barring about their brew expertise and if you are a novice they will never treat you like one. You can try any beer on tap until you find what you are looking for.

Whether you are a novice or a beer expertise every conversation will be a blast and you will learn something about beer and the beer industry. All the while eating some craft beer cheese and crackers.

Gold Star Beer Counter - Bar in action
Gold Star Beer Counter - Beer Glass
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Prospect Heights
176 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn NY 11238


Contact Info



Sunday – Thursday 12pm – 12am
Friday – Saturday 12pm – 1am


Food / Drink

Draft Taps and Special Items
16 Strictly Craft Beer / Cider Taps

Mead and Sake Available

Sandwiches, Meat & Cheese Plates and Bar Snacks


No Televisions
Bartender Curatored Vinyl Records
Card and Board Games Available
 WiFi Available

Other Info

Price – $8 and Above
Space Size – Small
Noise Level – Ambient
1 Gender Neutral Bathrooms