About Us

NYCThirst is the bar culture guide for the five boroughs of New York City. We have a detailed page for every drinking establishment in New York City. Our job is to give the user / visitor the best information we can gather about a drinking establishment.

We plan on being a hyper local business forward website. If you have trivia night, we would like to tell our users about it. If you have a drink special, our user will want to know. If you get the latest craft brew, we will tell people about it. A daily update of what is going on in bar culture in the five boroughs will appear on our site.

What do we mean by drinking establishment? 

Pubs, Taverns, Inns, Hotel bars, College bars, Sports bars, Irish bars, Dive bars, Beer Halls, Brewpubs, Cocktail lounges, Wine bars, Breweries, Tap rooms, Beer Gardens, Pool Bars, Beach Bars, Gastro Pub, Public Houses, Brew Houses and many other categories are what we consider drinking establishments.

As a general rule we ask three questions to determine if an establishment makes it on this site. Answer yes to the following three criteria and it is good to go

  • Can you enter without having to wait in a line and / or needing a reservation?
  • Can you sit and have a drink?
  • Can you socialize with a stranger, if you chose to?

What is Bar Culture?

Are you going to a bar to watch the latest sports team win, then celebrate with other fans? Are you dropping by your local breweries tap room to try their latest sour, comparing tasting notes, then sitting back in judgment of it? Do you spend every other Thursday at your local pub with a group of friends, searching your brain for that elusive answer to a trivia question that will win your team the prize? These are a few examples of bar culture. Simply put a gathering with like minds and sharing a drink.

What NYCThirst is not.

We are not a review site. We do not have an opinion about the place you chose to drink at. We don’t have an opinion about what you should be drinking. This is not the website to tell us you had a good or bad time at a place you chose to visit. This website is going to be a judgement free zone. If you are looking for a top ten list of anything this is not the site for you. Anyone who is old enough to drink is also old enough to decide for themselves what they enjoy or not enjoy.

Addiction / Alcoholism

Please Drink Responsibly, your physical and mental health is very important and should be taken seriously. If you find yourself binge drinking or you start displaying a pattern of drinking that results in significant distress, you likely suffer from alcohol use disorder otherwise known as Alcoholism. If you think you have a problem please seek help. In NYC there is a 24 hour/seven days per week information and referral number, call 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355).

For more information about Alcoholism please visit the Mayo Clinic website :


Or visit the New York City Alcohol and Drug Use services page: